a book of photographs by Willis Greiner / illustrations by Cheryl Price


Recently (the spring of 2016) Willis and Cheryl returned to Africa after 15 years and toured Botswana, including the Central Kalahari, Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. I am creating a complete new website dedicated entirely to this extensive expedition; until that time please visit this link to browse, review and download the e-book or PDF version; perhaps consider buying the hard copy edition detailing our adventure!



About the book . . .

“Desert to Delta -- The Essential Botswana” is chock full of Willis Greiner's powerful and evocative images of the extensive wildlife experienced in the Kalahari Desert, Okavango Delta and Chobe Riverfront. His text and photographs are enhanced with beautiful and informative illustrations by Cheryl Price. Also included in this content-laden edition are useful links to additional African safari resources and advice.

Included are close-up photographs of much of the region’s wildlife, as well as photographs of unique astronomical perspectives, taken at night as the local lions roared! Cheryl Price’s lovely drawings, created on safari and in the presence of much of the area’s dramatic mega fauna, are a delightful addition to the book.

Greiner has also provided several provocative narratives, including “A Modified Definition of Wilderness” (reflecting on a slightly different concept of the African backcountry) and “The Curious Mourning Cheetah of Kwando,” an interpretation of the very real emotional experience of a cheetah losing his partner.

Greiner and Price’s many wonderful encounters with the outstanding hosts and guides of the Botswanian backcountry are featured in stand-out boxes scattered throughout this edition.

Within the appendices are sections on suggested reading, localized star charts and Willis’ helpful personal list of recommended photographic gear.


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[all photographic and narrative content © Willis Greiner Photography, 2017, drawings © Cheryl Price Originals, 2017]